Successful Ishga premiere at the Spa Life in Freiburg

The Freiburg trade fair in June is a must for operators of exclusive spas. The perfect setting for the presentation of Ishga, as it enabled numerous conversations with potential partners and media representatives.

They were wholly impressed by the extensive Ishga product range. It is designed both for treatment in the spa and for subsequent care at home. In our "storytelling" world, Ishga also satisfies the need for a friendly founder story, a sustainable company philosophy and other key aspects that reflect the values of a changing society.

We support spa operators not only during the initial phase with Ishga, but also strengthen customer loyalty through wide-ranging affiliate programs.

Ishga is vegan, free from animal testing, certified organic by the British "Soil Association" and proves its sustainable, environmentally friendly production through the strict British "Organic Certification" standard.